The Getty Museum by Architect Richard Meier - Los Angeles, California

I miss places the way I should miss people.  This gem of a place (I know, totally cheesy!) is such a far-fetched notion for a third-world dweller like myself.  It was beautiful in its modern architecture and just absolutely brimming with the most wonderful art set against the calming backdrop of L.A.   Each angle (figuratively! literally!) was surprising with its concealed elevators (a secret whispered by a very kind guide since we had a PWD with us), rich and interesting collections, curious people.   Maybe it’s just the art/architecture geek in me because my siblings were all “WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR SISTER.”   But anyway.  It was great.  IT WAS FREE!!  

Also: I was really giddy when I recognized this magnificent place as one of the film location in the latest Star Trek movie.  

Fangirling over a place, a building, an interior! YEP.

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